I like Taiwan so much. The beauty of its nature is so tempting to be discovered. During my stay here, I have been visiting every county and see its attractions.

During the winter last year, I went to Xueshan with some friends. At the first chance to reach the peak, there was a massive windstorm mixed with snow . We couldn’t see anything above 5 meters in front. We decided to go down to the nearest cabin, to stay for one more night. We were bit upset, because it just around 100 meters to the top of the mountain. Yet, safety first should be our focus.

Luckily, tomorrow morning the sky was very clear, even no cloud was on the sky. Then we started to climb to the peak. We were so happy, we could see a beautiful sceneries from Xueshan. When we arrived to the top, I took many pictures of it. One of my favorite picture was when I putted my camera on my tripod and took a picture of mine, did Akushon Kamen style, and laughed very loud. Haha
That was one of my best time while being here in Taiwan.