For me, Delta Electronics, Inc company is excellent. It earned total revenue US$7.52 billion in 2014. During its history, Delta received many global awards for its business milestone, innovative technology, and corporate social responsibility. In 2014, was selected for the 2014 Down Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) World for the fourth consecutive year. It was also ranked at the highest A-level of the Climate Performance Leadership Index (CPLI) of the 2014 Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). Besides, Delta was rated in China’s Top 100 Green Companies 2013 and as a Top 10 Private Enterprise.

All of their achievements are possible because the company has 60 sites of Research and Development sites in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, US, and Europe, with more than 7000 engineers around the globe. They also have over 4.900 registered patents. In line with their vision to provide “smarter” products with high efficiency, make possible a “greener” and more environment- friendly way of life. Delta also collaborates with its partners by listening to their needs, and accomplishing its mission “together”.

The company offers a comprehensive selection of high-efficiency power supplies, thermal management and electronic components and systems for use in portable devices, cloud computing equipment, home appliances and medical device applications. They are also a world-leading provider of telecom power, uninterruptible power systems, data center infrastructure, automotive electronics, EV charging solutions, and renewable energy applications. Delta is one of the world’s fastest growing providers of industrial automation products, systems, and solutions. Also, they are a pioneer in visual displays for large venues, business, home entertainment, education, and control rooms. Two of their brands; Innergie and Vivitek, offer an extensive range of cutting-edge consumer electronics that provide a smart and green lifestyle.

During the discussion, the representative from Human Resource and Corporate Communication managers explained about the possibilities for international students from NTUST to work with them in some of the job fields. What a nice opportunity for us to work with this company. We will not only work for the business but also can contribute to bringing value to the society. I am really interested to work or to cooperate with the company which not only care about having a good business but also having a well social performance for its community.

Bring back to the history of the enterprise, Delta was founded by Mr. Bruce Cheng. The company began manufacturing components for Taiwan’s TV makers to avoid depending on Japanese imports. Its success was built on the parts that connect a TV to its power source and later on became the center of Taiwan’s boom on the personal computer, notebook, and telecommunication.

I personally did not hear that much that the company has long made power adapters for some brands, like Apple Inc. However, currently, they are putting efforts on building cheap robots to replace human workers in China. This might be their next move to stay on the on the top. Because from my understanding, industrial automation has been identified as the next business trend.

During the company tour, I heard their explanation about how they build Taiwan’s first green office building in Tainan. In line with their mission to provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow, the office building uses much less energy and water. The facility fulfilled all nine criteria of Taiwan’s EEWH green building evaluation and awarded the Diamond-level certification, triggering keen interest by experts, corporations and government officials, and effectively cementing their national leadership in green building.

There is a miniature in the company shows how this construction works. For example, the building’ subtropical architecture implements natural lighting and shading techniques that are highly energy-efficient. The design of the windows and metal shading also provides an ideal level of natural light inside the building while low-E glass limits the need for the higher air conditioner. The rooftops possess an approximate total of 42 kW of solar energy generation capacity and using their inverters which boast up to 98.5% of energy conversion efficiency.

The company also attain additional water saving by recycling rainwater from the rooftop, balconies, and air conditioner system for garden irrigation and toilet operations. They claimed that in total, up to 50% in water savings is achieved.

Not all companies can do the same thing like Delta did. When we ask further about how they can have technological support for those green integration systems, they just answered it is really easy for them. We can understand that Delta produced the environmentally preferable products and implemented to their new office building. It is much easier for them to make the product that suits their criteria for highly energy efficiency. This strategy could be their marketing tool for showing how advanced they are in making green products.

Overall, after visiting Delta, I learned many things related to the upcoming trends in power electronic and energy management field. All experiences that I learned on the trip will add my understanding about how the industry is going to be. (Mufid)